University of Wisconsin–Madison

At the Grainger Institute for Engineering, we collaborate across disciplines and partner with industries to solve critical technological challenges.

With a $25 million commitment from The Grainger Foundation and our ability to build on existing strengths within the College of Engineering and at UW-Madison, we are accelerating discovery, acting as an incubator for transdisciplinary research, and driving technological advances that enhance the success of U.S. industries and boost national economic growth in several areas.

Our commitment to biomanufacturing research is advancing the availability and efficacy of applications that impact human health: from therapeutic medical and lab devices to drugs, vaccines, and regenerative cells and tissues. 
We are facilitating collaborations between engineers and clinical researchers to develop and safely implement technologies that enhance healthcare delivery, and ultimately improve patient care and population health.
Researchers in computational science are focused on streamlining machine learning in ways that enable computers to learn complex concepts efficiently and accurately, but on a larger scale and at a faster rate than humans are capable of.
By developing and leveraging computational science, we are finding new ways to give structural and functional materials unique properties that make them even better.
Driving technological advances that enable the manufacturing of emerging materials, we are helping make impossible innovations in manufacturing design possible.
Across a broad range of disciplines, researchers are coming together to solve critical energy and sustainability challenges with cutting-edge discoveries and technology development.