Accelerating Research in Smart and Connected Healthcare

Research in Smart and Connected Healthcare is a key area of emphasis in the Grainger Institute for Engineering. This work, led by Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering Pascale Carayon, uses principles of engineering to design better systems in health care. Carayon is an expert in bridging these disciplines.

The Smart and Connected Healthcare impact area aligns with existing efforts of the Wisconsin Institute for Healthcare Systems Engineering (WIHSE), also led by Carayon. With a clear vision to “be the premier research institute that transforms health care through engineering,” WIHSE has found success in building relationships, establishing anPascale Carayon headshot industry consortium, and creating an Industrial Collaboration and Innovation Board.

Bringing together industry and healthcare representatives through annual conferences, proposal teaming, and building new opportunities for collaboration has been a key part of WIHSE’s success. These tactics promote interdisciplinary cooperation to identify challenges and opportunities for achieving better, more connected health care. New partnerships have proved beneficial as WIHSE leverages substantial industry engagement, in-depth discussions from across the healthcare industry, and strategic partnerships to build success. Enabling representatives from industry to contribute to the Smart and Connected Healthcare research mission further promotes the ability of faculty in this area to find the best way to solve healthcare challenges. Discussions continue with these and other companies as they are presented with the opportunity to join WIHSE’s Innovation Ecosystem and Industry Advisory Board.

With research excellence accelerating under Carayon’s leadership, Smart and Connected Health care and WIHSE have taken great strides. The Grainger Institute Institute for Engineering is proud to have supported this critical work with great societal impact.

Author: Rhiannon McCarthy