Christian Franck Comments on “Havana Syndrome” in Diplomats

MADISON, Wis. – Dr. Christian Franck of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison commented on the recent research about “Havana Syndrome” in Diplomats. It was named “Havana Syndrome” as the symptoms started with U.S. diplomats in Cuba. Symptoms include ringing of the ears, ear-popping, vertigo, pounding headaches, and nausea. For some, the symptoms disappear quickly. However, for others, symptoms can continue to worsen. Doctors are researching in hopes of finding a definitive cause.

Dr. Christian Franck commented on how the syndrome seems to appear. “It has more similarities in veterans coming home that have blast exposure to explosions than what we see and know from people that suffer concussions,” said Dr. Franck. Earlier this year, Dr. Franck published a paper about neural cell injury in collaboration with other scientists.

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