Computerized Tomography Acquisition

The acquisition of a highly flexible Computerized Tomography (CT) X-ray System has added a powerful research instrument to the College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The 465 KeV (Kilo-electron-volt) system is capable of X-ray imaging items that will fit within its one-meter cubed scan volume and is the largest unit on campus.Its electronic control and data acquisition system is capable of resolving 100-200 Microns in full view 3-D CT mode and 10 to 50 microns in precision radioscopy operation. The data visualization capabilities of the system take full advantage of both unit specific software as well as interface with UW-Madison’s world class custom designed CT image processing technology.

A partnership kicked off by Todd Allen and Mark Anderson of MSE and ME departments combined funding from the Department of Energy -Nuclear Engineering University Program (DOE NEUP), the Grainger Institute for Engineering, and the College of Engineering to purchase the instrument and provide for installation in the basement level of the ME building. The instrument manufacturer, VJ Technologies was a major contributor of additional capabilities and system flexibility while keeping the acquisition cost within the teams funding requirements.

The DOE NEUP project is providing the initial impetus of research funding for exploration of diffusion bonded compact nuclear reactor heat exchangers. A number of other campus research explorations have been queued for additional time on the instrument.

The College of Engineering has a long and storied past in X-Ray radioscopy for material science and engineering mechanics research and this new instrument caries forward that tradition into a new generation of exploration.