Engineering and the Health Highway

Our commitment to biomanufacturing research is advancing the availability and efficacy of applications that impact human health: from therapeutic medical and lab devices to drugs, vaccines, and regenerative cells and tissues.

Smart & Connected Healthcare
We are facilitating collaborations between engineers and clinical researchers to develop and safely implement technologies that enhance healthcare delivery, and ultimately improve patient care and population health.

Combining interdisciplinary experimental research and cutting-edge technologies, we are exploring the complexity of the brain, designing solutions to neurological problems and finding new way for neural tissue and technologies to interface.


Pascale Carayon

Smart & Connected Healthcare Lead

Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering

(608) 265-0503

Christian Franck

Grainger Institute for Engineering Associate Professor

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

(608) 265-8481

Aviad Hai

Neuroengineering, Sensors and Sensing

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

(608) 890-3411

Kip Ludwig

Neuroengineering Lead, Grainger Institute for Engineering Associate Professor

Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering

(608) 265-3544

Bill Murphy

Biomanufacturing Lead

Professor, Biomedical Engineering

(608) 265-9978

James Trevathan


Postdoctoral Fellow, Grainger Institute for Engineering