Engineering Centers Building


UW-Madison engineering researchers have no shortage of ideas and our culture is lush with interdisciplinary collaboration. In short: our faculty-led teams are ideal candidates for multimillion-dollar agency-sponsored research centers. The Grainger Institute for Engineering supports our outstanding faculty every step of the way, from building capacity for their groundbreaking science to securing multi-source funding for the long-term sustainability of their scientific research.


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Led by electrical and computer engineering professor Rob Nowak, the Machine Learning and Optimization impact area brought computational science, data science and machine learning experts together from across campus to create the Machines, Algorithms and Data Lab (MADLab), a University Center of Excellence launched with an award from the Air Force Office of Sponsored Research and the Air Force Research Lab. MADLab is developing the next generation of machine learning theory, algorithms, and applications; tailoring newly developed machine learning technologies to specialized applications; and training tomorrow’s machine learning researchers and practitioners.


Led by industrial and systems engineering professor Pascale Carayon, the Smart and Connected Healthcare impact area brought engineers, clinical researchers, and practitioners together to develop and enhance healthcare delivery technologies via the Wisconsin Institute for Healthcare Systems Engineering (WIHSE). WIHSE is transforming health care by pursuing the Quadruple Aim of revolutionizing the patient experience, improving population health, controlling health care costs, and enhancing clinician satisfaction, and has utilized GIE support to build relationships with major health care organizations and technology companies to establish an industry consortium.