GIE Fellows Lee and Papailiopoulos win American Family Funding Initiative Awards

Sixteen teams of UW-Madison faculty and collaborators have been awarded nearly two million dollars through the American Family Funding Initiative for data science projects addressing topics such as machine learning, user location privacy protection and student entrepreneurship.

Data science, computing and artificial intelligence are rapidly growing fields, motivated by the increasing availability of masses of unstructured data, scalable cloud computing and new modeling tools for advancing scientific discovery. American Family Insurance has partnered with UW through the American Family Insurance Data Science Institute (DSI) to offer mini grants of $75-150K per year for data science research at UW-Madison.

The goal of the American Family Funding Initiative is to stimulate and support highly innovative, groundbreaking research. Launched in spring 2020, this initiative is expected to position UW-Madison faculty to launch and further cutting-edge data science research, and be more competitive when applying for extramural research funding. A third round of funding will be announced in 2021.

Two GIE Fellows, Kangwook Lee and Dimitris Papailiopoulos each received an award from the American Family Funding Initiative for data science projects!

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