GIE/M-WERC Research Partnership Reception Agenda


Thursday, Feb 21, 2019 4pm-6pm
ECB Atrium

4:00-4:20 Reception NA
4:20-4:30 •    Value of Public Private Partnerships to COE
•    COE Research Focus areas for 2019
•    To invite audience to engage with COE/GIE/MWERC to help us further develop strong Public Private Partnerships in 2019
Ian Robertson, COE Dean
4:30-4:40 •     Why GIE formed partnership with M-WERC
•     Value for GIE coming out of 2018
•     Expectations for 2019
Dan Thoma, GIE Director
4:40-4:50 •     Why M-WERC entered into partnership with GIE
•     2018 Results: BASCO Phase 1 and 2, ExPC, Systems Intelligence
•     Expectations for 2019
Dan Ebert, M-WERC Director
4:50 Moderated Discussion

Brief examples of PP projects M-WERC has sponsored (BASCO ADI I. II; Research projects with WEMPEC; Infrastructure WEI, Power System Lab; RA ICE Lab)

What would help the faculty better engage in PP research partnerships?

-Funding calls
-Program office services
-Executive outreach
-What else should we do?

What are barriers to PPP’s?

What research areas hold the most promise for PPP’s?

Bruce Beihoff, GIE Technical Director
6:00 Event concludes NA