Imaging and Visualization Workshop 2020 Agenda


October 16, 2020
Virtual Event – Please RSVP to receive the event access link.

9:00am-9:15am Intro & Welcome ·  Dan Thoma, Director, Grainger Institute for Engineering
·  Ian Robertson, Dean, College of Engineering
·  Steve Ackerman, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education
9:15am-10:55am Track 1: Frontiers of Imaging: Functional, Multimodal, and Multidimensional ·  “Frontiers of Imaging: Functional, Multimodal, and Multidimensional,” Paul Evans, Materials Science and Engineering
·  “Electromagnetic field imaging using quantum sensors,” Jennifer Choy, Engineering Physics
·  “Imaging Atoms One at a Time: Applications of Data Science and Machine Learning in Electron Microscopy,” Paul Voyles, Materials Science and Engineering
·  “Radiographic imaging of advanced manufactured industrial components,” Mark Anderson, Mechanical Engineering
·  “Imaging in Three Dimensions,” Stephan Hruszkewycz, Argonne National Laboratory
10:55am-11:00am Break NA
11:00am-12:40pm Track 2: Data Visualization in Mathematics and Statistics ·  “Data Visualization in Mathematics and Statistics,” Varun Jog, Electrical and Computer Engineering
·  “Can Short and Partial Observational Data Reduce Model Error and Facilitate Machine Learning Prediction?” Nan Chen, Math
·  “Data Science in the Pandemics Age,” Brian Yandell, Statistics
·  “History of Image Modeling,” Rob Nowak, Electrical and Computer Engineering
· “Applications of computer vision for the insurance industry,” Glenn Fung, American Family Insurance
12:40pm-12:45pm Break NA
12:45pm-2:45pm Track 3: Multiscale Biomedical Imaging: from Engineered Models to Clinical Application


·  “Multiscale Biomedical imaging: from Engineered Models to Clinical Application,” Kevin Eliceiri, Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering
·  “Optical metasurfaces for advanced biosensing and bioimaging,” Filiz Yesilkoy, Biomedical Engineering
·  “Leveraging scattered light to develop new sources of contrast for retinal imaging,” Jeremy Rogers, Biomedical Engineering
·  “4D fluoroscopy for endovascular device guidance,” Michael Speidel, Medical Physics
·  “Image-Based Cardiovascular Fluid Dynamics,” Alejandro Roldán-Alzate, Mechanical Engineering, Radiology
·  “Transient Lighting: From the Dark Room to the Operating Room,” Adam Uselmann, CTO OnLume
2:45pm-2:50pm Break NA
2:50pm-3:15pm Trainee Spotlight Introduced by Kevin Eliceiri
Lightning talks featuring student and trainee research
3:15pm-4:00pm Panel: Frontiers in Imaging Introduced by Paul Evans
Moderated by Julie Morasch, Director, Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium
·  Glenn Fung, Chief Machine Learning Research Scientist, AI & Machine Learning Research & Innovation Director, American Family Insurance
·  Filiz Yesilkoy, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, UW-Madison
·  Brian Yandell, Professor of Statistics, Interim Director of American Family Data Science Institute, UW-Madison
Adam Uselmann, CTO OnLume
·  Jennifer Choy, Assistant Professor of Engineering Physics, UW-Madison
4:00pm Adjourn