Imaging and Visualization Workshop 2020


October 16, 2020
Virtual Event

Imaging and visualization technology offers many opportunities for collaboration across UW-Madison.

This workshop seeks to define shared challenges and capabilities, identify opportunities for funding pursuits, and determine how we can collectively support the development of imaging and visualization research on campus.


Track 1: Frontiers of Imaging: Functional, Multimodal, and Multidimensional

Recent developments in imaging promise to extend insights into three dimensions, to span, relevant timescales ranging from seconds to picoseconds, and to provide insight into functionalities arising from the crystallographic and elemental structure, surface functionalization, and subtle magnetic and electronic effects.  These developments are accompanied by challenges in managing data sets ranging into the terabytes and in the extraction of data from an increasingly diverse range of sensors and imaging modalities. These opportunities and challenges will be discussed by leaders in a cross-cutting range of novel imaging techniques.

Track 2: Data Visualization in Mathematics and Statistics

Explore the role of data visualization in statistical inference and prediction, and apply mathematical algorithms to model and visualize complex dynamical systems.

Track 3: Multiscale Biomedical imaging: from engineered models to clinical application

The ability to understand modern biological or medical phenomena, be it the dynamics of proteins, cellular division, metabolism, or tumor progression, requires sophisticated methods that allow interrogation of biological systems in a variety of environments and across multiple time and size scales.  Imaging is the method of choice, but its success requires the ability to not only image the structure but also the associated functional properties (electronic, magnetic, optical, chemical and behavioral). We will present in this session examples of multiscale biomedical imaging and some of the challenges and opportunities  faced in this area.

Conference Organizers

Paul Evans, Materials Science & Engineering
Varun Jog, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Kevin Eliceiri, Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering

For a showcase of emerging imaging technologies, cutting edge visualization research, interactive opportunities and lightning talks from UW-Madison’s best students and trainees, don’t miss the Imaging and Visualization Workshop!