October 26th: Quantum Sensing and Information Science Event

This webinar will be held on October 26, 2021

          11:00 AM ET / 10:00 AM CT / 8:00 AM PT / 3:00 PM GMT

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Event Description:

The discrete electronic energy levels in atoms and atom-like systems and the ability to probe and control them using their interactions with electromagnetic fields have enabled a host of applications in quantum sensing and metrology. In this talk, Jennifer Choy of U. of Wisconsin will describe the realization of quantum sensors in two material platforms: cooled neutral atoms and artificial atoms found in wide-bandgap semiconductors. The benefits and challenges of these platforms will be illustrated through examples from her prior research, including the development of sensitive accelerometers and gyroscopes based on  gyroscopes     , and the engineering of the optical properties of color centers in diamond for applications in magnetometry and quantum information science. She will discuss the critical developments in optical engineering and material science that are needed to improve device utility and performance in atomic and solid-state quantum sensors and research progress at UW-Madison towards addressing these needs.

Presented by:

Jennifer Choy Headshot

Jennifer Choy
Assistant Professor of Engineering Physics
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Moderator: John Wallace
Senior Technical Editor
Laser Focus World

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