Our Research

The research we support seeks solutions to complex problems that are likely to impact industry and society in a big way. Because the future, we believe, lies in breaking down barriers: bringing disciplines, researchers, communities and industries together to tackle unanswered questions, use resources wisely and innovate for the public good.

Understanding Real-World Problems

We rely on industry partnerships to understand real-world challenges and markets. And our partners rely on us for our world-class laboratories and student pipelines. We are committed to making it easier for companies to tap into university resources so that, together, we can drive innovation through fundamental research, as well as accelerate the implementation of research breakthroughs into corporate products, processes and applications.

Driving Research Innovation

Our researchers have no shortage of ideas and our culture is lush with interdisciplinary collaboration. In short: our faculty-led teams are ideal candidates for multimillion dollar grant awards. So much so that we support our outstanding faculty any way we can:

  • With seed grants to explore new research directions and boost competitiveness for sustained external funding.
  • Our seminar series serves as a venue for early-career faculty members to share research ideas, foster interdisciplinary collaborations, and spur new research teams to seek funding.
  • We help faculty win major interdisciplinary grant proposals with comprehensive support: team-building, writing, editing, graphic design, advisory, administrative and budgetary.

Building Large-Scale Centers of Excellence

To turn top-notch grant proposals into self-sustaining centers, we leverage the university’s culture of joint solution-building and help faculty engage with new, young and mature companies in leading and emerging industries. Everything we need to build dynamic research teams and translate discoveries is accessible right here at UW-Madison.

Mad Lab Logo

The MADLab is a University Center of Excellence supported by the Air Force Office of Sponsored Research (AFOSR) and the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL).  The Center is developing the next-generation of Machine Learning (ML) theory, algorithms, and applications.

Forward Bio Institute Logo

The Forward BIO Institute, based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, engages with research institutions throughout the Midwest and supports innovations in workforce development, transformative research and development, and public-private partnerships in the emerging area of biomanufacturing: the advanced manufacturing of therapeutic medical devices, cells, tissues or pharmaceuticals.


The Wisconsin Institute for Healthcare Systems Engineering (WIHSE) is a research initiative in the College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin – Madison which will act as a hub to bring together practitioners and researchers in health care and engineering to conduct research, create new knowledge, and design better systems in health care.