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Our team works closely with PIs to enhance the likelihood of proposal success.

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Focused, well-written and compelling proposals help turn research ideas into multimillion-dollar research programs. That’s why our team is dedicated to supporting early career and major interdisciplinary grant proposals at no cost to UW-Madison College of Engineering faculty.

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Line Roald

“I worked with the GIE proposal support team for the first time last year, as part of my NSF CAREER proposal. I very much appreciated the [team’s] help with both creating an overview figure and proof-reading the proposal summary. In addition, I participated in both the Grainger Computing in Engineering Forum and the NEAR spotlight series, both of which were very good experiences.

I am very excited about our new line of research work that considers climate change adaptation of electric grids. Specifically, we are looking at interactions between wildfire risk and power systems operations, and methods to better protect and restore electric grids after extreme weather events.”

Dane Morgan

“Collaborative Research: CyberTraining: Implementation: Medium: The Informatics Skunkworks Program for Undergraduate Research at the Interface of Data Science and Materials Science and Engineering”

“GIE helped support a $1M NSF proposal with figures and discussion. The project is focused on teaching undergraduate students about machine learning in materials, which is a popular topic that complements undergraduate education. As part of this funded project, my group develops infrastructure and a community of practice to support undergraduate research at the interface of data science and materials science and engineering.”

Younghyun Kim

“My transdisciplinary team recently won a $1M research grant from NSF and USDA-NIFA though the Cyber-Physical Systems program. This interdisciplinary research aims to promote animal welfare by monitoring and controlling microclimates to mitigate the impact of heat stress. I appreciate the support of GIE in this effort by helping with graphics and editing on the proposal.”

Jiamian Hu HeadshotJiamian Hu

“I filed two US patents that can potentially improve the security scanning technology at airports and other public places. I was awarded a WARF accelerator project for accelerating the commercialization of that technology. The GIE proposal support team has been very professional and extremely helpful in helping me prepare for both the written proposal and presentation of the accelerator project. This new technology is what I am most excited about: it has a fundamentally different operation mechanism from all existing technologies, which enables new functionalities that are currently not achievable.”