Sports Injury Motivates the Development of Device to Speed Up Healing From Fractures


MADISON, Wis. – University of Wisconsin-Madison Materials Science Professor Xudong Wang and his team are working on a fracture electrostimulation device (FED) to speed up the healing of fractures. The device would be implanted surgically and is biodegradable, removing the need to remove the device as it naturally and safely dissolves.

Wang mentions Aaron Rodgers’s broken collar bone helped motivate the development of the device. The introduction of the device could potentially help athletes like Aaron Rodgers return to the game faster by safely healing them at a faster rate.

The device is still in the early stages, with promising results so far. A recent lab test using rats showed a shorter recovery time by four weeks. Bone density was even higher in the rats using the FED. Wang and his teams’ research holds great potential for the future of injuries, even beyond the field of athletics.

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