Sangkee Min

Credentials: Advanced Manufacturing

Position title: Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering


Phone: 608-262-1993

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Older Asian Man

Research Interests:

Min’s research interests include the following: machining processing, including conventional and ultra-precision machining processes, ultrasonic vibration machining, dry and MQL machining, burr minimization and prevention, and machine tool design, including ultra-precision machine tool design & component design and verification; manufacturing strategy, including high mix low volume manufacturing for medical application, global manufacturing strategy, supply chain optimization and process planning and optimization; and other processes, including CMP, MR machining and ELID grinding. His current and future projects include sapphire machining, ultra-precision nano-machining, MFD, peripheral development for UPD, energy monitoring and energy efficiency strategy for machine tool and manufacturing, smart factory, digital manufacturing, and hybrid machine design and development.

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