Megan Settell

Credentials: Neuroengineering

Position title: Postdoctoral Fellow, Grainger Institute for Engineering


Megan Settel Headshot

Dr. Megan Settell received her Bachelor of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Winona State University before completing her Ph.D. in Clinical and Translational Science at the Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Her thesis work, titled “Anatomy and Histology of the Domestic Pig: Implications for Vagus Nerve Stimulation”, explored vagus nerve fascicular organization across multiple pre-clinical models to better understand off-target side effects in the patient setting. After completion of her Ph.D., Dr. Settell joined Dr. Kip Ludwig at the University of Wisconsin as a postdoctoral fellow and has recently joined the Grainger Institute for Engineering.

Dr. Settell’s research continues to explore the relationship between vagus nerve fascicular organization and off-target effects via functional recordings, including electromyography, longitudinal intrafascicular recording, microdissection and histology. This work is currently conducted with clinical stimulating leads from our industry partner LivaNova, allowing for increased clinical translatability. Additionally, her work has begun to expand into epidural spinal cord stimulation. By applying detailed histological analysis, and the multi-modal techniques used in the vagus nerve stimulation studies, she hopes to explore the effects of spinal cord stimulation for pain.