It starts with an aha moment. It continues with curiosity. And with the right support, the pursuit of knowledge can take us anywhere. That’s why the Grainger Institute for Engineering (GIE) is here—creating innovative pathways—to help you take your aha moments as far as they can go: from exploring risky ideas to conducting well-funded research, from disclosure to launching a startup.

It’s our mission to create accessible, equitable, traversable pathways between untested ideas, remarkable discoveries, tech transfer, and entrepreneurship.


Moving Forward, Together: We want to connect the right researchers to the right resources—and our collaboration with the Office of Corporate Relations (OCR) and the Technology Entrepreneurship Office (TEO) within the Office of Research Innovation allows us to do just that. Combining our experience in research development, industrial engagement, and entrepreneurship, we can help accelerate your unique pathway to, ultimately, help you achieve your individual goals.