With a $25 million commitment from the Grainger Foundation, the Grainger Institute for Engineering (GIE) is proud to support renowned researchers, spanning all disciplines and departments in the College of Engineering, as they strive to be on the forefront of engineering breakthroughs. By strengthening relationships with industry, government and higher education partners, we can recruit, retain and empower the very best faculty to explore new areas that will redefine the UW engineering research enterprise.


Happening Now at GIE

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Computing in Engineering Forum – September 29, 2020

The Computing in Engineering Forum showcases new computing technologies and cutting-edge research developments in Machine-Ground Interaction Consortium; Computational Assessment of Material Performance; and Mathematics of Rare and High-Impact Events. This forum also is an opportunity for networking between promising students and successful industry members in these fields.

renewable energy powers only 18% of all U.S. electric consumption

Engineering researchers seek clean energy solutions

As our need for a smarter, cleaner energy grid grows, UW’s engineering researchers are developing increasingly innovative and multifaceted solutions: improving how we operate the grid, raising the renewable energy supply with more reliable storage methods, and lowering overall consumer demand by augmenting energy efficiency. All to overcome this grand societal challenge.


NEAR Spotlight Series – September 25, 2020

NEAR is a new webinar series that aims to connect today’s emerging research to tomorrow’s solutions by bringing academia and industry together on topical issues, ultimately propelling engineering breakthroughs into real-world solutions. First up in the spotlight: Energy Use, Efficiency and Distribution with Sangkee Min, Eric Severson, and Line Roald.

Transdisciplinary Research and Real-World Problems Converge Here

9 impact areas at uw-madison grainger institute for engineering

The Grainger Institute for Engineering provides funding, comprehensive support and a collaborative space for engineering faculty to nurture research ideas that show promise as large-scale, extramurally funded activities in critical impact areas: