GIE-Supported Initiatives

Clean Energy Community Initiative

Together with representative clean energy partners, the College of Engineering, Department of Life Sciences Communication, and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison has launched the Clean Energy Community Initiative, which seeks to support our region—Wisconsin and the upper Midwest—and facilitates a community-led, solution-focused clean energy transition. A standing planning council has been formed and community kick-off meetings will commence soon.

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Semiconductor Science Initiative

The College of Engineering has started a Semiconductor Science Initiative to establish the Center for Semi-Conductor Science and Technology.  The Center will establish and nurture a community of partners, expand our semiconductor technology research portfolio, and become a competitor for a national center of excellence in semiconductor science in the future. The initiative is built on expertise added through recent hires as well as on unique manufacturing capacity.  A leadership team for this initiative has been formed and is reaching out to accelerate the development.

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