Injectrode May Reduce Need for Surgeries for Nerve Conditions.

Many conditions, like nerve pain, epilepsy, and a-fib, require costly surgeries to implant neuro-modulation therapy devices. However, thanks to recent research the future may be injecting the device, rather than surgery to implant. This new device is called an Injectrode. The Injectrode would potentially replace technology that uses technology that implant tiny electrodes.

Dr. Kip Ludwig, an associate professor at UW-Madison described current options as “… essentially like taking your cell phone and sticking it in the body.” The current options are costly as they require the technology and surgery to install.

The Injectrode works as it is injected into the body as a conductive material that can make a connection to the surface, so it can communicate with a non-invasive device. The device is undergoing trials, but has not shown adverse affects.

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